The Far West

By Zachary Wadsworth, Assistant Professor of Music. Bridge Records, Inc., April 2016. The centerpiece of the CD is the title track, a cantata that features the poetry of Tim Dlugos, a New York poet who died of AIDS in 1990 while studying to become a priest. Continue reading »

Open Up The Doors

 By Fletcher Clark ’69. Flecha3Music, November 2015. A collection of folk-style songs from Clark’s Personal Hymnal that reflect his spirituality and ministry. Continue reading »

420 Special

By David Monnich ’12 and Jimi Morales ’12. Bandcamp. April 2015. The 420 Special is an EP released by David Monnich and Jimi Morales that combines Blues, Cumbia, Jazz and Salsa. Continue reading »

A Reasonable Amount of Trouble

  By Jessie Winchester ’66. Appleseed Recordings. September 2014. Nominated for two Grammy awards in December 2014, this 12-song album was released posthumously and includes nine songs Winchester wrote while in remission from cancer. Appleseed describes the album as “tinged with an awareness of mortality but not… Continue reading »

Tinctures: Crimes Against Each Clam

By Peter Britton ’56. Independently released. 2014. A Gypsy-jazz album dedicated to the seas of our world and the creatures that inhabit them. Tinctures tells the stories of climate change and pollution from the perspective of fish, seals and other creatures. Songs are written by Britton, who spent… Continue reading »

Blood Test

By Kris Delmhorst ’92. Signature Sounds. May 2014. Delmhorst describes a moment of reckoning and centering in the songwriter’s life, and in society as a whole. In this collection, Delmhorst acknowledges the work of an intentioned life—and the new American dream of presence and perspective in a frenetic… Continue reading »

The Early Treasuries

By Abe Loomis ’96. Bandcamp. April 2014. Loomis’ debut solo album. An American singer-songwriter and native of the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts, Loomis has lived in New York, Paris, and California, and has performed widely, including at Club Passim in Cambridge, The Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton,… Continue reading »

Guerilla New Music

Sacha Place ’95 et al. Great Noise Ensemble. 2014. Great Noise Ensemble’s mission is to fight for the performance of new works and promote emerging talent in contemporary music. This album features original compositions from several American composers. Continue reading »

Hurrah for the Union!

Rebecca Doucette ’95 et al. Federal City Brass Band. 2009. The Federal City Brass Band recreates the sound and appearance of a US Army regimental brass band of the 1860s. Continue reading »