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Williams College: The Campus Guide

Cover of the book Williams College Campus Guide

Eugene J. Johnson, Amos Lawrence Professor of Art, Emeritus and Michael J. Lewis, Faison-Pierson-Stoddard Professor of Art. Princeton Architectural Press, December 2018. Available on Amazon. Nestled in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, Williams College routinely ranks atop the best liberal arts colleges in the… Continue reading »

Abiding Grace: Time, Modernity, Death

Cover for the book Abiding Grace

Mark Taylor, Cluett Professor of Humanities, Emeritus. The University of Chicago Press, 2018. Post-war, post-industrialism, post-religion, post-truth, post-biological, post-human, post-modern. What succeeds the post- age? Mark C. Taylor returns here to some of his central philosophical preoccupations and asks: What comes after the end?… Continue reading »

Impeaching the President: Past, Present, and Future

Book cover for Impeaching the President: Past, Present, and Future

Alan Hirsch, Lecturer in Humanities, Chair of Justice and Law Studies. City Lights Publishers, 2018. Available on Amazon. Constitutional scholar Alan Hirsch offers clear and to-the-point guidance for all matters relating to removing a sitting president—from the Founder’s constitutional protections against executive criminality, and the… Continue reading »

Waste: Consuming Postwar Japan

Cover of book called Waste: Consuming Postwar Japan

By Eiko Maruko Siniawer ’97, Professor of History. Cornell University Press, October 2018. Siniawer explores the many ways in which the Japanese have thought about waste—in terms of time, stuff, money, possessions, and resources—from the immediate aftermath of World War II to the present. She… Continue reading »

Exile, Writer, Soldier, Spy: Jorge Semprún

Cover of book called Exile, Writer, Soldier Spy: Jorge Semprún

By Soledad Fox Maura, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature. Arcade Publishing, July 2018. Available on Amazon. In this biography of Jorge Semprún, Soledad Fox Maura reveals the tumultuous true-life story of the Oscar-nominated screenwriter responsible for Z and The War Is Over. Semprún enjoyed… Continue reading »