By Alumni

Inside the US Navy of 1812-1815

By William S. Dudley ’58. Johns Hopkins University Press, April 2021. While Great Britain’s Royal Navy was large and well provisioned at the beginning of the War of 1812, the United States’ navy was small and underfunded. Throughout the war, the U.S. faced challenges such as acquiring… Continue reading »

The Luther Forest: Five Generations

By Field Horne ’73. Kiskatom Publishing Company, 2020. Following a nearly 120-year history, Horne traces the roots of Luther Forest in Saratoga Springs, chronicling the choices of the original landowners and their impact on the  sustainability of the forest. Continue reading »

Ladies of the House: A Novel

By Lauren Edmondson Carstens ’06. Graydon House Books, February 2021. After Daisy Richardson’s father—a senator—dies and a scandal is made public, Daisy tries to keep the family afloat despite now being social outcasts who are down to their last dime. Although Daisy longs to run away, her… Continue reading »

Single, White Cave Man

By Fabienne Marsh ’79. Windtree Press, January 2021. In an effort to avoid being lonely for the rest of his life, 38-year-old Jim Rosso signs up with Smartheart, a dating service tailored to Ivy League graduates. Unfortunately, the one woman he’s interested in is married to his… Continue reading »

Life Lessons from Working with Great Teachers

By Rick Ackerly ’67. Xlibris, September 2020. Borrowing from the successes of 57 educators, Ackerly relates lessons on building better schools, beyond quick fixes such as changing the curriculum and adding new programs. In a culture where children are taught to value individualism, schools are often run… Continue reading »

Fighter: Awakening the Dream of a Soccer Champion

By Erinn Torres ’97. Independently published, October 2020. In this YA novel, a 13-year-old soccer player named Stella learns what it takes to be a champion in order to achieve her dreams in a male-dominated field. The attributes of perseverance, passion, courage and more take center stage in a… Continue reading »

The American Revolution in the Twenty-First Century

By Howard DeLong ’57. Belcrest Press, November 2020. The architects of America envisioned a post-Revolution society in which everyone would be free and prosperous. DeLong proposes that the America of today is fraught with political dysfunction but can still fulfill the founders’ vision through the use of modern… Continue reading »