By Alumni

Pagan Light: Dreams of Freedom and Beauty in Capri

By Jamie James ’73. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, March 2019. Available on Amazon. Grounded in a deep intimacy with Capri and full of captivating anecdotes, Jamie James’s Pagan Light tells how a tiny island served as a wildly permissive haven for people―queer, criminal, sick, marginalized, and simply crazy―who… Continue reading »

What We Are Made Of

Book cover for What We Are Made Of

Laurie Elizabeth Lambert ’80. Finishing Line Press, January 2019. “What are we made of?” is the question posed by Laurie Elizabeth Lambert in these poems of nature, family, loss, and redemption. Organized by the seasons, Lambert reminds us that in spite of the darkness, our… Continue reading »

Before the Mayflower

Book cover the Before the Mayflower.

Jennifer (Hallett) Sinsigalli, ’96. Choir Alley Press, November 2018. Available on Amazon. If you were living in civilized places like England or the Netherlands, why would you consider boarding the Mayflower, bound for the New World? The Atlantic crossing would be a nightmare, with the… Continue reading »

None Like Us: Blackness, Belonging Aesthetic Life

Book cover for None Like Us

Stephen Best ’89. Duke University Press, November 2018. It passes for an unassailable truth that the slave past provides an explanatory prism for understanding the black political present. In None Like Us Stephen Best reappraises what he calls “melancholy historicism”—a kind of crime scene investigation… Continue reading »

The Once and Future Worker

Cover of a book called the Once and Future Worker

Oren Cass ’05. Encounter Books, November 2018. Available on Amazon. The American worker is in crisis. Wages have stagnated for more than a generation. Reliance on welfare programs has surged. Life expectancy is falling as substance abuse and obesity rates climb. In this groundbreaking re-evaluation… Continue reading »


Image of book cover for Spin

Jim Lindheim ’67. Wheatmark, Inc., November 2018. Available on Amazon. Veteran corporate crisis counselor Jonathan Keaton is one of the most respected spin doctors in the world. His vast experience, outsized personality, and wily cynicism have made him the go-to guy for companies in trouble.But when… Continue reading »

The Real McCoys: Two’s a Crowd

Book cover for The Real McCoys: Two's a Crowd

Matthew Swanson ’97 and Robbi Behr ’97. Imprint, November 2018. Available on Amazon. The sequel to the critically acclaimed The Real McCoys! When a baffling mystery strikes Tiddlywhump Elementary, sibling detectives and absolute opposites Moxie and Milton McCoy are on the case. Continue reading »

Becoming Creole: Nature and Race in Belize

Cover of book Becoming Creole: Nature and Race in Belize

Melissa A. Johnson ’84. Rutgers University Press, November 2018. Available on Amazon. This book explores how people become who they are through their relationships with the natural world, and it shows how those relationships are also always embedded in processes of racialization that create blackness,… Continue reading »