By Alumni

Metropolitan Stories: A Novel

Cover of the book Metropolitan Stories

Christine Coulson MA ’93. Other Press, October 2019. Available on Amazon. A surreal love letter to this private side of the Met, Metropolitan Stories unfolds in a series of amusing and poignant vignettes in which we discover larger-than-life characters, the downside of survival, and the powerful… Continue reading »

Ra the Mighty: The Great Tomb Robbery

Photograph of the cover of Ra the Mighty: The Great Tomb Robbery

By A. B. Greenfield ’91. Illustrated by Sarah Horne. Holiday House, October 2019. Available on Amazon. A smug royal cat turned detective and his dung beetle sidekick are on the case when a precious tomb gets ransacked in the Valley of the Kings. Continue reading »

Ganymede’s Dog

Book cover for Ganymede’s Dog

By John Vincent ’91. McGill-Queen’s University Press, October 2019. Available on Amazon. John Emil Vincent teases his materials into surreal, joyous, dirty, sometimes gruesome animation. His revelations arrive in the guise of other characters, and throughout, there are dogs. Dog-themed philosophy, dog-headed saints, dog-worshipping… Continue reading »

My City of Dreams

Cover of the book My City of Dreams

Lisa Gruenberg ’76. TidePool Press, August 2019. In this memoir, Lisa Gruenberg not only records her own life, but also that of relatives long lost to darkness, terror, and murder. In dreamlike sequences she weaves known facts of the lives of those lost into tableaus of imagined family… Continue reading »

The Assault on American Excellence

Cover of the book The Assault on American Excellence

By Anthony Kronman ’68. Available on Amazon. Free Press, August 2019. Kronman makes the argument that to graduate as good citizens, college students have to be tested in a system that isn’t wholly focused on being good to them. Continue reading »

Feminist Subjectivities in Fiber Art and Craft

Cover of the book Feminist Subjectives in Fiber Art and Craft

By John Corso Esquivel ’97. Routledge, July 2019. This book interprets the fiber art and craft-inspired sculpture by eight U.S. and Latin American women artists whose works incite embodied affective experience. Grounded in the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Esquivel posits craft… Continue reading »