By Alumni

The Evolution of Love

By Lucy Jane Bledsoe ’79. Rare Bird Books, May, 2018. A tribe of survivors—including a couple of feral kids, a bonobo researcher, and several activists— build community in the wake of a devastating earthquake. Continue reading »

Suburban Islam

By Justine Howe ’03. Oxford University Press, February 2018. The first study about how third spaces have begun to reshape post-9/11 American Muslim communities Explores conflicts of gender, ethnicity, and class in contemporary Islam Demonstrates how American Islam is constructed and performed through everyday rituals of suburban… Continue reading »

MOOKS: A New Play

By Andrew Smith ’64. Available on Amazon, October 2017. Patsy Costello, a South Philly mook, does one good thing during a gallery heist, and it changes his life forever.  … Continue reading »

Deciphering Reality: Simulations, Tests, and Designs

By Benjamin B. Olshin ’85. Brill Publishers, October 2017. Benjamin B. Olshin takes a problem-based approach to the question of the nature of reality. In a series of essays, the book examines the detection of computer simulations from the inside, wrestles with the problem of visual models… Continue reading »

Ennemi du Sommeil

A polyphonic dream trio featuring Liv Østhus ’96, Bergerette sings French sex pop of the 12th – 18th centuries. Ennemi du Sommeil also highlights Portland composer Christopher Corbell, whose two settings of Baudelaire poems were created specifically for Bergerette (and who created an opera—“Viva’s Holiday”—based on Østhus’s first book). Available on… Continue reading »