By Alumni

My City of Dreams

Cover of the book My City of Dreams

Lisa Gruenberg ’76. TidePool Press, August 2019. In this memoir, Lisa Gruenberg not only records her own life, but also that of relatives long lost to darkness, terror, and murder. In dreamlike sequences she weaves known facts of the lives of those lost into tableaus of imagined family… Continue reading »

The Assault on American Excellence

Cover of the book The Assault on American Excellence

By Anthony Kronman ’68. Available on Amazon. Free Press, August 2019. Kronman makes the argument that to graduate as good citizens, college students have to be tested in a system that isn’t wholly focused on being good to them. Continue reading »

The Place of the Viewer

Cover of the book The Place of the Viewer

By Kerr Houston ’92. BRILL, June 2019. Available on Amazon. In The Place of the Viewer, Kerr Houston offers a detailed chronological overview of art historians’evolving attempts to account for the physical position of the viewer in discussing works of art. Continue reading »

The Hungry Ghost

Cover of the book, The Hungry Ghost

By Dalena Storm ’09. Black Spot Books, June 2019. Available on Amazon. A hungry ghost escapes from a dark realm into the human world, where it enters the unconscious body of a woman named Sam. When Sam appears to miraculously awaken from her accident-induced coma,… Continue reading »

The End Note

Cover of The End Note

By Andrew Rimas ’95. Common Deer Press, June 2019. Available on Amazon. The planet is overwrought, overcrowded, and overcooked. Now the world looks to one, final summit of the world’s most powerful people to save humanity. Then this guy gets invited… Professor Magnus Adams… Continue reading »

L.A. River

Cover of the book L.A. River

By Michael Kolster ’85. George F Thompson Publishing, May 2019. Available on Amazon. Three centuries ago, the Los Angeles River meandered through marshes and forests of willow and sycamore. Trout spawned in its waters, and grizzly bears roamed its shores in search of food. Continue reading »