Life Lessons from Working with Great Teachers

By Rick Ackerly ’67. Xlibris, September 2020. Borrowing from the successes of 57 educators, Ackerly relates lessons on building better schools, beyond quick fixes such as changing the curriculum and adding new programs. In a culture where children are taught to value individualism, schools are often run… Continue reading »

Fighter: Awakening the Dream of a Soccer Champion

By Erinn Torres ’97. Independently published, October 2020. In this YA novel, a 13-year-old soccer player named Stella learns what it takes to be a champion in order to achieve her dreams in a male-dominated field. The attributes of perseverance, passion, courage and more take center stage in a… Continue reading »

Strict Beauty: Sol LeWitt Prints

By David S. Areford. Yale University Press, November 2020. The artist Sol LeWitt, famous for large wall drawings and structures, also created more than 350 print projects using lithographs, silkscreens, etchings, aquatints, woodcuts and linocuts. This book accompanies the exhibit Strict Beauty: Sol LeWitt Prints, guest curated by… Continue reading »

On LIFE: Thoughts on Life’s Challenges

By Harvey J. White ’74, MD. Vessel Press, October 2020. A cardiologist with 30 years of experience encourages readers to push beyond difficult issues and past failures, forge a new path and reach their full potential. On LIFE Journal: A Companion Workbook is paired with the book. Continue reading »