When The President Poops

 By Auyon Mukharji ’07 and Aroop Mukharji ’09. Available on Amazon, January 20th, 2018. “When the President Poops” describes a series of situations in which a Trumpian president might need to defecate– during important meetings, while in his helicopter, while answering questions from the press, etc. The book… Continue reading »

Views of Rome: A Greek Reader

By Adam Serfass ’95. University of Oklahoma Press, January 2018. Who were the ancient Romans? Views of Rome addresses this question by offering a collection of thirty-five annotated excerpts from Greek prose authors. As Adam Serfass explains in his introduction, these authors’ characterizations of the Romans run the gamut… Continue reading »

Growing Up With The Country

By Kendra Taira Field ’99. Yale University Press, January 2018. Following the lead of her own ancestors, Kendra Field’s epic family history chronicles the westward migration of freedom’s first generation in the fifty years after emancipation. Drawing on decades of archival research and family lore within and beyond… Continue reading »

From The Bronx To Oxford and Not Quite Back

 By Norman Birnbaum ’47. New Academia Publishing/VELLUM Books, 2018. This book is a contribution to the history of the Cold War, Dr. Birnbaum having been a very audible critic of US policy. Even more, it is a study of the role of ideas in politics, and of the… Continue reading »

Maternity. Mothers and Children in the Arts of Africa

By Herbert M. Cole ’57. Yale University Press, December 2017. On the African continent, images of mothers and children are found wherever the visual arts are, from early rock-art sites in Egypt and the Sahara to the contemporary arts of South Africa. Discovered in a variety of materials,… Continue reading »

They Were Fire

 By Lee Richmond ’66. Piscataqua Press, November 2017. Suzanne Danilov, ambitious young Field Engineer for the U.S. E.P.A., is dispatched as Incident Commander to a massive train wreck that has devastated a small town. Driving away at dawn from her husband and young son, she is eager to… Continue reading »

The Real McCoys

By Robbi Behr ’97 and Matthew Swanson ’97. Imprint, November 2017. Bold, opinionated, and haplessly self-confident, the world’s greatest fourth-grade detective faces her biggest challenge! When someone kidnaps beloved school mascot Eddie the Owl, Moxie is on the case―but she’s forced to fly solo now that her… Continue reading »