Lady Gregory's Early Irish Writings 1882-1893

James Pethica, Senior Lecturer in English and Theatre. Colin Smythe Ltd, 2018. Available on Amazon. This sixteenth volume of the Coole Edition contains Lady Gregory’s first writings on Ireland. They include the two surviving versions of her unpublished first attempt at autobiography, ‘An Emigrant’s Note Book’ (1883); three short stories she wrote under the pseudonym ‘Angus Grey’ —’A Philanthropist’, ‘A Gentleman’ and ‘Peeler Astore’ (1890-91); and her anonymously-issued anti-Home Rule pamphlet A Phantom’s Pilgrimage, or Home Ruin (1893).  James Pethica’s introduction sets these works within their biographical, political and creative contexts, charting the imperatives and aspirations driving Lady Gregory’s first sustained efforts as a writer.