A Short History of Presidential Election Crises (and how to prevent the next one)

By Alan Hirsch MA ’12, Lecturer in Humanities, Chair of Justice and Law Studies. City Lights Books, March 2020. What happens when a U.S. presidential election becomes controversial? A close election in 2000 tested the limitations of the current system, and President Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election again pushed the … Continue reading “A Short History of Presidential Election Crises (and how to prevent the next one)”

On LIFE: Thoughts on Life’s Challenges

By Harvey J. White ’74, MD. Vessel Press, October 2020. A cardiologist with 30 years of experience encourages readers to push beyond difficult issues and past failures, forge a new path and reach their full potential. On LIFE Journal: A Companion Workbook is paired with the book.

Don’t Watch This!: How the Media Are Destroying Your Life

By Michael Rosenblum ’76. Skyhorse, October 2020. The former TV producer explains media addiction—a habit sprung from an ancient tradition of storytelling and morphed into what is for many an eight-hour-a-day habit—and offers solutions for controlling the movies, TV and social media we let into our lives in a more productive, meaningful way.

Imagining the Mulatta: Blackness in U.S. and Brazilian Media

By Jasmine Mitchell ’03. University of Illinois Press, 2020. An exploration of the use of mixed-race women primarily of African and European descent to represent a flawed cultural narrative in the U.S. and Brazil. While both countries purport to embrace racial representation in the media, Mitchell suggests that in using the image of the mulatta, … Continue reading “Imagining the Mulatta: Blackness in U.S. and Brazilian Media”

Behind the Red Veil: An American Inside Gorbachev’s Russia

Book Cover of Behind the Red Veil, a memoir by Frank Thoms, Williams Class of 1960

By Frank Thoms ’60. SparkPress, September 2020. A memoir of a teacher’s quest to understand the Soviet Union over the course of seven trips to the U.S.S.R., including as a U.S.-Soviet exchange teacher of English in Leningrad and a private citizen, teaching English in Moscow and Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan.

Everything Elderberry: How to Forage, Cultivate and Cook with this Amazing Natural Remedy

Book cover for Everything Elderberry, by Susannah Shmurak, Williams Class of 1994

By Susannah Shmurak ’94. Skyhorse Publishing, September 2020. A compendium of information about elderberry, an immune-boosting superfood, draws on historical texts, peer-reviewed scientific research and interviews with experts around the world and offers 62 recipes.

White Hot Light: Twenty-five years in Emergency Medicine

Book cover of White Hot Light, a memoir, made up of vignettes, by Frank Huyler, Williams Class of 1987

By Frank Huyler ’87. Harper Perennial, August 2020. A series of short, powerful vignettes about the author’s work as an emergency room physician and the sequel to his critically acclaimed 1990s memoir The Blood of Strangers.

Empathy and the Historical Understanding of the Human Past

Book cover of history professor Thomas Kohut's new book, Empathy and the Historical Understanding of the human past, published by Routledge

By Thomas M. Kohut, the Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III Professor of History. Routledge, April 2020. A comprehensive consideration of the role of empathy in historical knowledge, informed by the literature on empathy in fields including history, psychoanalysis, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and sociology.

The Salmon Sisters: Feasting, Fishing and Living in Alaska

By Emma Teal Laukitas ’13 and Claire Neaton. Sasquatch Books, April 2020. In this photo- and story-filled cookbook, Alaska’s famous female fishermen share 50 recipes that honor the sea and shore.

Layla and the Bots #2: Built for Speed

Book Cover for Layla and the Bots #2: Built for Speed, published by Scholastic

By Vicky Fang ’98. Scholastic Inc., August 2020. The problem-solving, creative rock band Layla and the Bots is back for a second adventure, helping a friend in a wheelchair to design a go-kart in time for the Blossom Valley race, in this new series for early readers.