The Taverner’s Tale


By Peter Roosevelt Johnson ’53. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, December 2015. Available on Amazon. Possibly a long lost play by and about Shakespeare set in 1588, the year of Spain’s attempted invasion of England with its “Invincible Armada”.

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The Glamour of Strangeness: Artists and the Last Age of the Exotic

The Glamour of Strangeness

By Jamie James ’73. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, August 2016. Available on Amazon. James focuses on six artists, including Paul Gauguin and Isabelle Ehrhardt, who left their homes for the unknown.

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What I Can Carry

What Can I Carry

 By Laurie Elizabeth Lambert ’80. Finishing Line Press, July 2016. Available on Amazon. In this first collection of her poetry, Laurie Elizabeth Lambert includes several “mother poems” and explorations of nature.

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Soft Water


 Soft Water by Charles Scott ’93. MadHat Press, July 2016. Available on Amazon. Soft Water is poetry of memory, covering a life ranging from a rural childhood to the Vietnam war and back home again.

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The Rest of God: Finding Freedom From Lust in the Internet Age

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 By Jay Haug ’73. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, July 2016. Available on Amazon. Uses biblical themes and 12 Step principles, along with Haug’s personal experience in recovery, to offer an explanation of the spiritual origin of lust.

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No White Coat Necessary: The Science of Everyday Health

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.53.29 AM

 By Hanna Saltzman ’12. Capara Books, June 2016. Available on Amazon as e-book. Offers easy-to-understand explanations of the science of everyday health questions.

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DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community


By Gabriela Pereira ’00. Writer’s Digest Books, July 2016. Available on Amazon. Applies the do-it-yourself methodology to earning a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing by combining the three main components of a traditional MFA–writing, reading, and community.

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The Cambridge history of Literary Criticism (Volume III, The Renaissance)


Edited by Glyn P. Norton. Arab-language edition published by the Supreme Council of Culture and the National Center for Translation Publications, November 2015. Cambridge University Press, 1999. The 1999 volume was the first to explore the issues that shaped the way European writers thought about literature from the late Middle Ages to the late seventeenth century.

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Presidents and Their Pens: The Story of White House Speechwriters


 By James C. Humes ’57. Hamilton Books, March 2016. A detailed analysis of notable speeches across 23 presidencies, giving insight into how and why presidential speeches have marked important moments in American history.

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The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker: How to Make Connections Others Don’t


By Dorte Nielson and Sarah Thurber ’86. BIS Publishers, June 2016. How can we become more creative? This book examines scientific theories, provides techniques, and considers anecdotes that explore the way in which making connections can help people enhance their creativity.

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